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Become a regular monthly donor
Making a regular donation every month is an easy way to support Filantropia’s work. With a monthly donation you make sure that help is available when it is needed.
• Go to your internet bank and create a payment order that recurs every month in the amount of your choosing. Here is our bank account information: Osuuspankki. Account IBAN-number: FI63 5480 0520 0164 35, OKOYFIHH.
• Choose the focus for your donation and use the specific reference number found below.
• You can make a general donation supporting Filantropia’s work, or you can request that your donation goes to support a specific work area or humanitarian aid.
General donations REFERENCE: 12250With a general donation you are supporting the diverse work Filantropia does. Your donation helps us to do long-term projects and to plan for future work.
Mission REFERENCE: 12263The mission of Filantropia is to support local churches’ growth and to help them put down living roots within their own communities. For example, in Kenya and Tanzania we support ecclesiastical education, education of local priests, raising general awareness of subjects such as HIV and AIDS and empower women so that the quality of family life can be improved.
Diakonia in Europe REFERENCE: 12276Our work in Russian Karelia and Moldova takes place through local parishes and organizations connected to the church. By donating to this area of work you reach those who live in the hinterlands and who occupy the most vulnerable position in their societies. Your aid will provide heat for those who have to cope with living in the freezing winter cold and comforts people who are alone.
Development and Cooperation REFERENCE: 12289The Finnish Foreign Ministry supports development projects which Filantropia has initiated in Ethiopia and Moldova. In Ethiopia our project concentrates on helping the local community to provide clean water and nutrition for a greater number of people. In Moldova our project is part of the work done against human trafficking. The goal of this project is to provide more work possibilities for people so they might not be forced to leave their home country to search for work.
Schoolbank REFERENCE: 12292Filantropia supports the schooling of children and youngsters. We especially provide support for school fees for girls’ secondary education in Kenya and Tanzania. Educating girls is the most efficient way to affect development, reduce poverty and improve the status of women. Educated people are an important resource for both the churches and society at large.
Humanitarian Aid REFERENCE: 12111With donations directed to our Humanitarian Aid area we help victims of natural disasters, wars and conflicts around the world. At the moment Syria is one the countries whose people need your help.
You can also join our e-mail list. Through it you will receive our newsletter every few months. In it you will find information and updates about our current work.
For every euro donated, 82 percent goes directly to the target area. 82 % of all donations and collected aid is used in the target country, 10 % is spent on the publicity in Finland (magazines, internet, e-mail etc.), 6 % goes to materials (posters, collection boxes etc.) 2% is spent on bank and accounting expenses.
Anniversary donation
When you celebrate your birthday or anniversary, you can ask your friends and family to give you a gift in the form of a donation to Filantropia. Even the smallest gifts bring much joy to our brothers and sisters in need!
The focus of your gifts can be any of our target areas described above or you can leave the choice to us. Inform us of your chosen target and send us the date of your anniversary or birthday and your contact information.
Inform your guests of the particulars of Filantropia’s donation account: FI63 5480 0520 0164 35 OKOYFIHH (Osuuspankki) and ask them to add your name to the reference. This way the aid will be directed to your chosen target. Send us your contact information if you wish to know the names of the donors and the final donated sum.
Our brothers and sisters near and far are dear to us. With a bequest you can work together with Filantropia to help those in need and improve their well-being.
Bequests help to continue and develop the work of Filantropia. As a non-profit organization Filantropia is not required to pay tax on bequests. All bequests are directed in their entirety to our work.
We will be happy to help you with the process of leaving Filantropia a bequest in your will.


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