Greetings from Lobere

On Tuesday 28th of October Filantropia got an e-mail from John Sigilai, the principal of Lobere primary school in Kenya.

In his letter principal John Sigilai told how the aid coming through Filantropia is helping the local community and especially the children in the area. By his words the best proof of the impact is the children’s growing success in school. Previously started and now on-going gardening project is progressing like planned and the grown food is used in the school’s kitchen. They get the water for the gardens from the nearby dam using the pumps they’ve been able to buy with the aid got from Filantropia. Principal Sigilai voiced the gratitude of the local community in his letter and sent greetings to all the members of Finnish Orthodox Church.

lobere keittio

Filantropia has been supporting the school food program in Lobere since 2010. This year there are more than 500 children who study in the primary school. The school building, located in the area of Laikipia, was built in the beginning of the 1980’s as a development and cooperation project of Finnish Orthodox Christians.

Christmas lent collection starts again 15th of November. The profit of the collection will be used to aid the school food program in Lobere, support the wellbeing of families in Moldova and to provide humanitarian aid to areas in crisis.


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