17.11. Rukous

Merciful God, who loves the human race, Your Son came to us in love, healing our brokenness, reconciling the world to you and defeating death, our ancient enemy.
In your mercy, give your life-giving Spirit afresh to your Church, your Spirit that hovered over the waters of creation. Renew your Church, fill it with your boundless love. Make us a living icon of the peace, reconciliation, and life that is your will for everything you have made.
Remember our sisters and brothers near and far who have heard your call to serve, heal, reconcile, and work for peace and justice. Give them strength, hope, peace, safety, and all they need for their labors in your Name.
In your loving kindness, remember us as well and all your servants as we wait in hope and love for the day when everything on earth and in heaven will be reconciled in your Son.
We give you thanks, praise, and glory: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, now and forever.
Kuva: Irina Nyyssönen


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